Dr. Henry Palkij

Dr Henryk Palkij - History Institute of the Jagiellonian University-Cracow-Poland

Film Review:

Wieliczka - The Salt of the Earth, with Jerzy Stuhr as a guide, Produced and Directed by Sadrolin Tam, screenplay by Kevin Benn, cameraman: Sadrolin Tam; 2009 Pimetra International AB, a Salt Mine "Wieliczka", time 40 min.

The film helps us to understand the operation of the mine by showing the risks facing it - cave-ins, fires, water, and at the same time technical and organizational measures to combat them. In this way the viewer understands better the functioning of the mine and the work of miners. This is a very important part of the movie, because very rarely one can find materials that would show that "live" part of our past which refer to its economical aspects....


The great merit of the film is presentation of various chambers of the existing mine, the history of their origin and the objects located therein. The film brings out the details of the chambers , and at the same time their the full size which allows to show their uniqueness. That goal is also performed by Jerzy Stuhr's narrative, whose calm voice enriches the picture with description of events related to the presented objects and makes the viewer fully understand the importance of the elements shown......

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