Jerzy Stuhr, narrator and the guide


Jerzy Stuhr, narrator and the guide in the film:

I was given an important task to tell the viewers a story of the mine. It is the mine which is the main hero of the film. I tried to perform my task in a modest way, and as well as I could. I think the film managed to express the spiritual essence of the mine.”

The film gave me opportunity to get to know the mine, to learn a lot about this place. This was a completely different experience from my previous contact with the mine's underground in 1984 while working on “Seksmisja”. I had not been in Wieliczka since then”

During my work here I came to understand the sense of miner's honour.. The sheer fact that I could wear a miner's uniform was an honour to me. It was ennobling. It was not “Sex-mission” this time, it was 'Salt-mission'... We did our best to make it successful”.

The forty minute film, based on a script written by Kevin Benn, captured the audience.

The first public presentation of the film took place in Wieliczka on 29th May 2009. After the Première Jerzy Stuhr wrote in the memorial book: “I was deeply moved by the today's première. I feel, today I was introduced to the society of miners, which I am very proud of”.

Jolanta Białek, “Dziennik Polski”

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