Malgorzata Dymek

Video Wieliczka salt of the earth "directed by Sadrolin Tam presents the stories of the Salt Mine
in Wieliczka over the centuries. Provides an excellent example of an educational film, which can be used in school education at all stages of education. Summarizes and gives in a little over 40 minutes of enclosure history of mining in a horizontal manner, but very clear.

Holistically the topic satisfies the requirements of program standards for school curriculum,
and also invites you to watch "in the real world" that our Perly Malopolska. Another advantage is the character guide - George Sztura - which conducts us through the underground mine. Material contained in the film is transparent, clear, without any scientific digression, which is another advantage. Incredible impression compounded by the sensational selected music. Being a native wieliczanka - really watched it with "bated breath". Makes you think. I encourage you to watch the movie and a really great use as a means of teaching.
Malgorzata balloon
Director of primary school

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