Ewa Kozysa-Pasierbek

Recently I had the opportunity to watch film pt. Wieliczka - salt of the earth "directed by Sdrolin Tam.Przed show wondered whether or not it is worth and see another typical case of school image that nothing surprises me.

How much was wrong, I found already in the first minute séance. An excellent soundtrack harming the beautiful shots of places rarely viewed by the Museum of Salt Zup, Jerzy Stuhr as a guide dressed in a miner's uniform and interesting narration referring to the many little known events in the history of the mine - all this meant that after seeing the works of less than an hour, I wanted to immediately go to the Museum. Another swietny procedure used in the film are the expression of foreign tourists visiting the mines translated into Polish in the form of subtitles. Can also see the movie in English with Polish subtitles (the brilliant narration by Sir David Attenborough), which as anglistka, would certainly take on their activities. Ewa Kozysa-Pasierbek teacher j.angielskiego in SP in Jaskowicach

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