Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Makowski


Film Review:
Wieliczka - The Salt of the Earth

Video Wieliczka - The Salt of the Earth, "I watched with great pleasure. This is undoubtedly gem among contemporary documentary films and popular. Indeed, the work combines the reliability of information about scientific facts in geology (including tectonics, mineralogy), history (almost 1000 years of history of the region and 700 year history of the mine) and culture (especially art), with breathtaking scenery Wieliczka underground wyczarowanym by nature and generation miners, and by the passage of time counted in centuries, the landscape forms the background and the subject of narrative with the release of an incomparable actor.

Among the facts przemykają stealth, or emerge from the dark foreground, the characters of legend, which is associated with many ancient mine: elves, Wieliczka, Treasurer. These characters, woven into a story snutą by Jerzy Stuhr, will undoubtedly increase the charm of the film.

Merit of the film are played by actors dressed in costumes from the salt mining era scenes, forging "idols of salt, salt, filling barrels, burning methane, the transport of salt, showing the work of unique machines, and even the presence of a horse. Are important in the original tools, torches, torches, miners lamps, it is possible to look only at the museum.

Home Photographic film is impressive. Szarobure, in fact, chambers and corridors inside the mine expertly lit and well filmed captivate the viewer with countless shades of sepia, black and white sometimes, but always light and shadows. They bring out from the darkness (or hide it) stories that can not be told (but they can guess), so the game of light and shadow.

Impresses on film music. Is an independent story about a salt mine in Wieliczka, parallel to the text spoken by a seasoned actor and a great film image. Music, once dramatic, full of anxiety, sometimes mysterious and ominous - the story of the arduous work, the toil and dangers, other times soft and soothing, as if sinking into the dark chambers of eternal sunshine and staring suddenly we heard birds singing. The film music is perfectly blended into other sounds: the steps, the impact of picks, the murmur of flowing water and the sound of falling drops.

Proper to point out that the authors of the film, light and sound oprowadzają audience reach of the tourists. Thanks to visit the crystal cave and rugs and threatened collapse of the chamber, looking at the work of miners and watch the machine working.
The film also reveals a "second life" of the mine. Tourism is now an important source of income of the mine. Moist air is saturated with salt treatment of certain diseases, in spacious chambers, with excellent acoustics, arranges concerts, while others serve as restaurants, probably the only kind in the world.

It is worth stressing at the end of the film does not present a picture of one of the "miracles" of medieval art only in pink, full of optimism colors, no cracks or scratches. It is clearly talking about the problems and threats faced by this unique monument in the world. This rock mass movements, which goes beyond the possibility of halting the contemporary technology, and the threat of flooding the mine with water, so perhaps we can deal with. It's a great film, which is a valuable complement to a visit to the mine. Not replace the visit, but for sure it will enrich.











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