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Sample pictures from the movie

The historic salt mine in Wieliczka

The historic salt mine in Wieliczka is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Poland, visited by more than a million people every year. The mine opened in the early Middle Ages and has been in operation for more than 700 years, surviving fire, flood, war, and devastation along the way. This fascinating and stunningly beautiful place is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gad hammer and muscle

The recipe for salt mining was simple: hack it from the rock and haul it to the surface. Ad infinitum. The miner’s only tools were his pickaxe, hammer and muscles.

Inspiration from the depths of the earth
Now you too can experience the mine. The Salt of the Earth, a film that has won many awards and garnered widespread attention, takes you on a historic and modern-day journey through the interior of the mine. In a thrilling and inspiring way, the film reflects the history of Poland. And for those who have already visited the mine, the film will only heighten the personal experience.


Two films of the same script

The film that is winning all the international awards!

Wieliczka – The Salt of the Earth has won several international awards and has been distributed to Polish embassies and consulates worldwide. It was produced by a Swedish team and has been translated to 30 languages. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the film because it reflects the history of Poland in such an exhilarating way. Awards include International Tourfilm Festival: International Festival of Tourist, Ecological and Sport Film; Mefest: Nature Protection Institute of Serbia for the best ecological film; and many more.

See the film to heighten the experience of your visit or simply to learn more about a time when salt was “the grey gold.” The film makes it possible to experience more of the mine than would ever be possible on a one-day visit.

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